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Newcyte’s Allografts and Autografts products (homologue use only) are manufactured terminally and diligently under sterilized and fully protected environment to enhance safety related to microbiological, viral transmission or any other contaminations. We manufacture our products in a fully certified Class 100 cleanroom. Our trained technicians operate under Good Laboratory Practices, Good Tissue Practices and Good Manufactured Practices regulations and requirements in order to make sure the company maintains all high standards to move toward our vision and quality promises.

Newcyte uses fully medical graded materials to package its products which is highest standard in allografts products. All LiveCyte™ materials are made in class 1000 clean room.

In light of the media attention and in the wake of concerns related to the Chagas Disease Newcyte reiterates its long-standing processing safety standards for the terminal sterilization of Newcyte allografts products.  The Newcyte flagship allografts have always been terminally sterilized, and the Company’s proprietary Newcyte products processes have continually used terminal sterilization as an essential part of the process.

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